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What you are about to read here, if you have had contact with me directly or anything concerning the Institute, you would know this already.

This is a memo for Believers in Christ Jesus worldwide, and all who are interested. (Anyone else, kindly keep scrolling).

For context, I am the Founder of the International Institute of Pneumatology. We are dedicated to the research, education and implementation of the Ancient Hebrew Principle of Biblical Literature and the Energetic Physics of Spirit, which inevitably translates into human energy.

In 2018, at the Institute, we made one of the most significant and groundbreaking discoveries in all of the existence of “the Bible”, in the hands of the Greco-Roman civilization. This discovery finally brought into context what the Biblical Literature is, its validity, its context, as well as how it is to be approached.

This discovery is that the Name of God in the Literature, as understood by the Ancient Israelites, is in fact not merely a label for the purpose of distinction, but a Principle or Law in and of itself, that is the fundamental law of all existence and functions of existence.

In the context of its application in Biblical Literature, the Name is also a title or appellation that defines its own Cognitive Law or Law of Rationalization that reproduces health, mentally and physically, and supernatural realities.

This discovery, with thousands of hours of experimental investigation revealed that the context of the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis was not intended to communicate the existence of a literal physical Garden, but that every man has the choice of one of two fundamental Cognitive Laws (or processes of rationalization) through which they can live life.

One is represented in the Garden as the Law of Living from one’s own Spirit, making one a Self-Generator of Life, and a Giver of Life.
The other is living by the comparison of oneself to another creation, making one in desperate need of Life, and a Pursuer of Life.

The first, we have coined Self-Existent Identity. Moses Law refers to this perspective as Righteousness (meaning functional).
The second we have coined Codependent Identity. Moses Law refers to this as Sin (meaning dysfunctional).

It is now understood that Ancient Israelite Priests, Prophets, Nazarites, and even Yeshua and His Apostles took on the Name of God and its Cognitive Law of Consciousness as their own through which they were able to live and be Generators of Life and Supernatural Realities. This is what Discipleship in the Name was all about.

Since this discovery, we have through the study and practical application of this Mindset, called the “Mind of Christ” by the Apostle Paul, dramatically changed the lives of many who once suffered poor mental health, have seen many healings, a couple resurrections, and have exercised intentionally, dominion over creation.

This is not just a wild and reckless claim. We have also been able to reproduce this in others.

In addition to the manifestations, this discovery now enables us to interpret the Scriptures through the lens of Rabbi Jesus and the Apostle Paul, and understand what they understood. It is an entirely new and very different realm.
Naturally, this brings into context that everything that every Christian has been taught for the last approximately 1900 years has been through the lens of the Codependent Identity, which has resulted in well over 3,000 Christian denominations.

The reason for this principally is that the Codependent Identity sees God as an independent individual as though He was limited to dynamics of physicality. Hence the imagination of the Person in the Clouds.

The Self-Existent Identity on the other hand, understands God through the Cognitive Law of the Self-Existent, which primarily starts with YOU being the Person of God, with the Person of God (the Person that expresses the Universe)! Synchronicity!

As a result of this codependency, the Believer has been locked in a world and a realm where he/ she is a victim, desperately in need of Life, pursuing Life from a codependent imagination. Aka nothingness with zero manifestation.

It is a case of God being told that He needs a God, instead of You are God, with God, as a species.

And, you have been given the role of the Initiator and Decision Maker based on the data of your Holy Spirit, with the Helper, the Holy Spirit.

Every creature that exists possesses the spirit of what it is. The lion is a lion because he has the spirit of a lion. The whale is a whale because he has the Spirit of a whale. This is consistent in all of creation. The standard.

On what grounds therefore, do you conclude that you can be given the Spirit of God, and not be what the Spirit is… God?

You have been duped.

Further research conducted at the International Institute of Pneumatology revealed that due to the fact that not only Believers in Christ, but the world at large today have had no awareness of the Cognitive Law of the Self-Existent Identity that the Name of God is, by default, the cognitive law of Identity Codependency has been the Mindset that has been considered to be the norm, and naturally the mindset through which everyone has been living and conducting their interactions through, unknowingly. This, we have come to understand is what the Apostle Paul was specifically referring to as the world system, as well as the Mindset of the Flesh.

In simpler terms, the Mindset of the Flesh (referring to the animal skin, that the man is indicated to be dressed with outside of the Garden in Genesis 3), is the perspective of not using the energetic nature of one’s own Spirit to determine an identity, to make decisions nor as one’s Source of data to determine how to operate. Instead, it is the dependency on external sources of data to determine identity, to make decisions, as well as to determine how to operate.

The Name of God is what the Biblical Literature resonates as what was given to man in the beginning, what was lost that resulted in him finding himself outside of the Garden (the mental realm that he was created with), but was restored by the Messiah or the Christ, who resurrects humanity afresh with the Name that was given to them in the beginning. The Apostles of Christ were the heralders that were sent to inform everyone that they no longer needed to experience the mental, emotional and physical anguish and death that they were experiencing, but that the Breath of Life (which is God’s Name) was restored in them all as a species. Hence, the message “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory”.

This message was followed by discipleship, which was teaching or training Believers to walk in the Cognitive Law of the Self-Existent and Eternal One. In simpler terms, teaching and training in the Mindset of living from one’s own Spirit (the Holy Ghost in the body), to determine identity, to make decisions, and to determine how to operate. Through this new reference point of living, life is redefined.

This is what is referred to as “Walking in the Spirit”. The Ancient Israelites also understood the term “spirit” as mind, or mental disposition. A correlation that the Greco-Roman system of thought commonly disassociates with the concept of spirit. To be “led by the Spirit” is not limited to passively received supernatural insights, which is what the modern day Christian world has grown codependent on. In the pattern of the Ancient Hebrew Priests, Prophets, Nazarites, Judges of Israel, and even Jesus and His Apostles, to be “led by the Spirit” also means to be Self-Existently guided. That is, through the Self-Existent and Eternal process of rationalization of the Spirit.

At the Institute, the Cognitive Principle or Law of the Name has been practically applied to a total of 12 areas of Life, redefining them. That is,

  1. Spirituality (Identity, Mindset, including all Spiritual Gifts)
  2. Health
  3. Interpersonal Relationships (Communication)
  4. Relationship/ Marriage
  5. Leisure
  6. Home Environment
  7. Career
  8. Finance
  9. Parenting
  10. Social Interactions
  11. Society
  12. Government

The International Institute of Pneumatology has not only redefined each of the areas listed through the Cognitive Law of the Name, but has developed mental frameworks in expression of the redefinitions that make the practical application simple and easy to experience. To experience the Kingdom of God, or the Garden of Eden, or the New Jerusalem (all one and the same today), is no longer mystical, it is now LOGICAL. Supernaturally Logical.

This discovery, to say the least revolutionizes everything that we know about the Bible. It must be relearned. It revolutionizes life. It must be redefined. And, it revolutionizes all fields of study.

Thus far, the Cognitive Law of the Name has also been applied to the field of Business by our very own Business Master Mentor of the International Institute of Pneumatology, Telvin Jeffries.

And, finally, research at the Institute has also discovered that the Name also defines the law of the physics of the human energy. The Institute is also in the process of developing an official and practical understanding of how to self-heal in simple steps through the lens of the Cognitive Law of the Name, that defines the nature of the human spirit as Self-Existent, and therefore Self-Determining. This revealed that Healing is in fact a Self-Determined process. Our aspiration is that humanity can redefine and relearn themselves through this Cognitive Law and Physics of their Spirit and no longer find the necessity to be dependent on external systems for health and physiological reparation.

It turns out that Jesus is not just a historical figure, nor the religious icon that religion attempted for centuries to make Him, after all. He is the Law of the Physics of the Universe!

Everything is about to change!

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