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What if you learned that everything that you were taught about “God”, “Jesus Christ” and “the message of the Bible” was all framed by Emperor Constantine, his respective councils and church fathers, WHO WERE ALL GENTILES and not what Jesus, His Apostles, Ancient Priests, or Prophets knew.

What if everything that you were taught was NOT TRUE? That everything that you were taught were really assumptions.

What if you learned that the context of what was labelled “the Bible” in the Greco-Roman community was not what was taught in the Circumcised Community (for which the very Apostle Paul was beaten for releasing).
What if you had the opportunity to learn about “God”, “Jesus Christ”, and what Biblical Literature is REALLY all about with very clear differentiation between the two?

Would you want to know- starting with the narrative of the Garden of Eden, that it was not about God creating the world in 7 Days, but what man’s spiritual nature was framed to be? That’s right. There was no 7 days of creation as assumed by the Constantinian world.

Would you want to know that:

Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Martin Luther
John Calvin
The Councils of Nicaea and Chalcedon
Saint Athanasius
Pope Gregory the Great
John Wesley

…were all developing upon assumptions and not what ANY BIBLICAL CHARACTER KNEW nor TAUGHT?

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