What exactly is the Mind of Christ?

Zane Pierre
6 min readMar 16, 2021

If you are like me, you grew up under the predominant influence of modern-day Christianity from childhood. For me, that amounted to basically, a total of 32 years. Throughout this 32 years of my life, naturally, as I was exposed to the paradigm of the westernized Christian denominational perspective, all of my Biblical definitions were born out of the cultural traditions of what modern-day Christianity is, and knows itself to be.

One of the concepts that is very heavily influenced by the modern-day perspective of what the Bible is communicating is: THE MIND OF CHRIST (OR GOD).

For many of us, the concept of the mind of Christ, or the mind of God, is very limited to, or confined to, what the concept of mind is, in the philosophy of the English language. This differs tremendously from the concept of what mind is via the lens of the philosophy of thought of the ancient Hebrews. In addition to this, another major contributing factor to the restrictive comprehension of words and concepts found in the Bible in the westernized community, is the the major difference between the philosophy of the English language, and the philosophy of ancient Hebrew. In this context the English language is simplistic in comparison to the philosophy of ancient Hebrew.

What do I mean by this? I will explain.

It is very common in the philosophy of the English language to approach the concept of names as mere designations. This means that in English we use names almost in the capacity of labels to identify, as well as differentiate one person from another. In the context of the ancient Hebrews on the other hand, names are approached in the capacity of titles, which includes the concept of designation, but not limited to it. Names, in the perspective of the ancient Hebrews also carry the concept of titles or appellations, much like the word “manager” or “doctor”. This means that accompanying the title, is the tacit expectation of a function. That is, that the person to which the title “Manager” is given, is expected to manage. And, the person to which the title “Doctor” is attributed, is expected to promote health. Therefore, when we read names in the Bible, we are reading designations that are also appellations, to which a function is attributed.

The same is found regarding the Names of God in the Bible.

So, that explains “Names”.

The reason why this is so significant is, in the context of the ancient Hebrews’ perspective of the narrative of the Garden of Eden, man was created by the uniting of the Breath of Life, which is the Breath of God, and dust. This is to indicate that what we understand the “mind” to be, in our westernized perspective of mind, is certainly not what the Bible is referring to as “Mind”. In our modern world, we very commonly attribute the mind to the physicality of the “brain”. The Scriptures on the other hand, attributes “Mind” to the Breath of Life, as a functional parallel. This is to say, that the Mind, and the Breath, or Spirit, are referenced to as one and the same. The various words that are used to define it, are simply referencing the various facets of the same Breath of Life.

Now, let’s hone in on the “Mind of Christ”.

The Breath of Life in the context of the narrative of the Garden of Eden can also be referred to as the Mind of Life.

And, get this! In the perspective of the ancient Hebrews, the “Name” of the creation is, in contrast to our modern-day perspective of the attribution of name to a Person in a Body, the Name of the creation is attributed to the Breath of the Creation. Therefore, the Name of the man in the Garden was not Adam, which is the title attributed to the body made of the dust, it was in fact, the same Name of the Person from which the Breath came. That is, Yahweh Elohim.

This is significant. Why is this significant?

This is very significant because this means that the Breath of Life, which we can identify to be the Mind of Life, carries the “Name” Yahweh Elohim. This comes with the understanding that, as we have already established that the Name Yahweh Elohim is much more than a simple designation, it is also a title or an appellation.

What is the link of this astounding fact with the Mind? Simple.

The Name Yahweh Elohim, therefore determines the nature and function of the Mind of Life.

So, what does that mean?

It means that whatever the Name Yahweh Elohim means, expresses the functional nature of the Mind of Life.
The name Yahweh Elohim can be translated to be “The Self-Existent and the Eternal” (Yahweh), “Authority and Power” (Elohim). These meanings identify the functional nature of the Mind or Mindset that is the Mind of Christ (or the Breath of Life).

In other words, to say we have the Mind of Christ is true. But, to live from the Mind of Christ requires a Mindset that is functioning from a frame of reference, or a thought process that is:

  1. Self-Existent
  2. Eternal
  3. Authoritative (Govern-mentality)
  4. And Power (Courage)

This is very strange to the modern-day, Greco-Roman system of thought. And, not only is it strange to attribute function to Names in this manner, but it is the norm of almost everyone that you have ever met or known, to live from any one or various forms of Identity Codependency, which is the polar opposite of Self-Existent Identity.

What is Identity Codependency? Identity Codependency is the polar opposite of living wholly and solely from your heart, and the capacities and nature of the Heart. It is living in psychological identification with any and all things external of oneself, for a sense of personal validation or personal approval. Research has identified Identity Codependency as the source of all worry, stress, anxiety, pain, mental illnesses, sicknesses, diseases, feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, marital problems, family struggles, addictions, vices, and much more.

Our research at the International Institute of Pneumatology has revealed and proven that every single member of humanity has the Mind of Christ. From this Mind, Heart and Breath flows Life-Giving Energy and Force that has the capacity to generate life, mentally, in human physiology, as well as in nature. To live from this, simply requires a reorientation of your mental framework of thought and processing, otherwise known as your mindset. After more than 30,000 hours of pragmatic and experimental research, with 400+ practical experiments, we have been able to identify the mental framework necessary to function Self-Existently, Eternally, Authoritatively, and Powerfully, revealing the nature of Christ in you, and in all.

This results are astoundingly remarkable. Candidates now experience sustainable mental health, physical health, marital health, familial health, and much more.

We can show you how spirituality is living through the Mind of Christ in everything, and in every area of your life. Spirituality is not just a part of life. It is all of your life.

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