The Serpent introduced…

Zane Pierre
2 min readOct 22, 2022


Do you know that in the Garden narrative of the Scriptures, the serpent (who is later identified by the title “SATAN”) is seen as the introducer of 3 main things?

1. The wisdom of experience, instead of wisdom by Principle. The serpent was the first preacher of experience.

2. Assuming the authority to validate others by subjective priority or measuring others by personal bias or personal opinion, instead of validation by Principle.

3. The invalidation of what God (the Eternal) says, because of a lack of immediate evidence, instead of faith in the Principle.

As it relates to #1:
Anyone preaching that they know about anything about life based on experience is not a functional source of Wisdom. These persons are usually unprincipled. Their interpretation of experience is subject to their personal biases, or opinions in life If you take their advice, you incorporate their end of destruction or dysfunction into your life.

By Scriptural standard, experience is not a source of Wisdom, PRINCIPLE IS. That is, integrity and equity in motion. This is TRUE WISDOM.


As it relates to #2:
There are many people that assume the authority to validate you (following the serpents character), whether implicitly or explicitly. This is in fact classic control and manipulation for their self-benefit, whether tangibly or intangibly.
They do this by making guilt based or shame based assertions or implications with the expectation that you will take action to prove yourself.

“Come out from among them”. Betrayal is always at hand.


As it relates to #3:
In the Garden, God said, that if they ate of the tree, they will surely die. The serpent ate of the Tree and did not see immediate results. So, he assumed that it was not true. Because everything that God said is what we would term a law of physics, Adam experienced the full fruition of this word 930 years later.

Most of modern Christianity is also based on this serpent thought. Especially in the areas of prayer, healing and any manifestation. Immediate manifestation, or manifestation within a prescribed time frame is made the condition for Truth. Time is made the bias.

What is written are the expression of a Principle. This means that one must abandon all biases, including personally biased emotional attachments to the outcome. It is a law and should be treated as such, just as your would gravity.





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