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Rediscovering the Garden: Unveiling the New Spiritual Identity of Humanity

In a groundbreaking research endeavor conducted at the International Institute of Pneumatology, scholars have unveiled a profound understanding of Biblical Literature, revealing that it centers around the Garden of Eden. The sacred text teaches that humanity’s fall from the Garden into the Desert of Displeasure was a result of mental codependency, leading to a corrupted or handicapped spirit.

However, through the transformative work of Christ Jesus, individuals can experience the restoration of the Perfect Spirit of God, allowing them to live from the power of their Holy Spirit once again. This restoration requires becoming aware of the newly restored Spirit’s identity, Christ, and shifting mental orientation from codependency to a Self-Existent Mentality, represented by the Name of Christ Yeshua. That is, YHVH.

The Crucifixion: Nailing the False Identity
At the heart of the Gospel message lies the crucifixion of Christ Jesus. Symbolically, this event represents the nailing of the false identity of humanity, born out of mental codependency, back to its source — the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the Garden of Eden, humanity sought its identity in external validation and relationships, fostering a reliance on other creation as a source of Wisdom and for a sense of self-worth. The crucifixion signifies a decisive break from this codependent mindset, urging individuals to discover their true identity in the restored relationship with God.

Analogy: Just as removing a mask reveals one’s true face, the crucifixion exposes the false identity nurtured by mental codependency, allowing individuals to embrace their new species identity. Christ Yeshua (YHVH).

2. The Death: Liberation from a Corrupted Spirit
The death of Christ Jesus holds significant spiritual meaning. It represents the death of the corrupted spirit and the identity it fostered. Humanity’s separation from the Garden led to a handicapped spirit, marked by brokenness and a sense of disconnection from the Divine. Hence, the Covenant of Moses that was an interim system created for Israel to put on their original spiritual identity and memorize the perspective of that Identity. Through his sacrificial death, Christ Jesus accomplished liberation from this corrupted state.

Analogy: Similar to a broken vessel being repaired, the death of the corrupted spirit paved the way for the restoration of a renewed and whole spirit within each individual.

3. The Resurrection: Restoration of the Divine Spirit
The resurrection of Christ Jesus signifies the restoration of the uncorrupted Divine Spirit of God in all humanity. Through faith, believers have the opportunity to enter into this restoration and experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The key lies in the renewal of the mind, shifting from mental codependency to a Self-Existent Mentality guided by the Law of Intelligence defined by the Name of Christ — YHVH Yeshua.

Analogy: Just as a withered plant springs back to life when nurtured with water and sunlight, the resurrection represents the revival and rejuvenation of the uncorrupted Divine Spirit within humanity, enabling them to flourish and live in harmony expressing God’s purpose.

The Simplicity of the Gospel of the Garden
The article emphasizes that the simplicity of the Gospel of the Garden has been obscured for centuries by Greco-Roman interpretations influenced by mental codependency. The researchers argue that the profound truth of the Gospel has often been overshadowed by complex and convoluted interpretations. However, this groundbreaking research has led to a significant transformation in many lives as they rediscover the core teachings of the Bible.

The research carried out at the International Institute of Pneumatology highlights that Biblical Literature centers around the Garden of Eden and the profound spiritual journey of humanity. It unveils the consequences of mental codependency, the redemptive work of Christ Jesus, and the restoration of the Perfect Spirit of God within all humanity. By becoming aware of the newly restored Spirit’s identity and embracing a Self-Existent Mentality, believers can live from the power of their Holy Spirit, just as they did in the Garden of Eden. This groundbreaking discovery offers a renewed understanding of the Gospel message and opens the door to transformative spiritual experiences.



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