Rediscovering the Foundations of Apostleship for the Modern Believer

Zane Pierre


In the annals of history, the true context of the Name of God and the profound meaning of the Garden of Eden in Biblical Literature has remained largely unknown in the Greco-Roman world. However, a groundbreaking journey of research and discovery at the International Institute of Pneumatology has shattered the confines of ignorance, revealing a new understanding that not only addresses the pain points of modern-day Christians but also confirms the horrors that arise from the absence of this ancient knowledge.

The Institute’s exhilarating discoveries offer a glimpse into the profound wisdom of the Ancient Israelite Priests, Prophets, and Apostles. Their application of the Name of God transcends mere linguistic reference, unveiling a law of Intelligence or Reasoning. This law, when understood and applied, harnesses the power of spiritual reproduction through thoughts. Simultaneously, it synchronizes one’s spirit with the Living Spirit of God — the Energetic Person within whom the Cosmos is contained. The ancients recognized this synchronization as the union of Heaven and Earth with the Sons of God, where the minds of believers became reflections of the mind of the Living Person expressing Himself through the Cosmos, and vice versa i.e. the Mind of the Living Person as Heaven and Earth reflecting the decisions of the Sons of God.

Equally breathtaking is the Institute’s discovery concerning the Garden of Eden. The Ancients did not view it solely as a narrative reporting the creation of the world, but rather as an Ancient Manual written in the Logic of the Law of Intelligence of God’s Name. This manual serves as a guide, expressing the creation of the Divine Man and unraveling the inner workings of the spiritual realm contained within Him that is in turn revealed in Heaven and Earth around him. It provides insights into the very essence of humanity and illuminates the divine order of existence.

Moreover, the Institute’s research has unveiled a jaw-dropping revelation — the Ancient Model of the Sons of God as the Priests of the Lord, called in the New Testament writings, “Apostles”. These priests were the representation of the Divine Man in the Garden of Eden, later referred to as the Kingdom of God. Through over 50,000 hours of experimental research, the Institute assumed the Model of the Ancient Priesthood, incorporating the law of Intelligence and Reasoning of the Name of God. The results were nothing short of phenomenal, demonstrating the validity and power of these ancient dynamics in producing supernatural outcomes.

These discoveries form the missing pieces of the puzzle in Christianity as it was known in the Greco-Roman world. They shed light on the thousands of differing denominations we witness today, illustrating the consequences of the absence of these Ancient Keys. King Solomon, in his wisdom, referred to them as the foundation of understanding for hundreds of years. The absence of these keys has led to a significant misunderstanding of the Ancient Scriptures and fostered the erroneous assumption that Biblical Literature is merely a collection of religious texts irrelevant to the modern world.

The Institute’s research, fortified by over 50,000 hours of experimental verification, positions them as the leading visionaries in the field. Their findings transcend mere theory, empowering believers with practical applications rooted in divine revelation. Let us explore some of the key areas where the Institute’s discoveries have had a profound impact:

Rediscovering the supernatural nature of the believer: By embracing these revelations, individuals can tap into their divine potential, unlocking the power within them.

Unveiling the effortless workings of all Gifts of the Holy Spirit: The Institute’s research deepens our understanding of spiritual abilities, enabling believers to operate in their gifts with ease.

Reviving the Ancient Priestly and Prophetic methods of Scripture interpretation: Through the Institute’s insights, believers can gain a renewed appreciation for the hidden wisdom within the Scriptures, revitalizing their faith and deepening their understanding.

Providing a powerful filter against false doctrines: Armed with the Ancient Keys, believers can discern truth from falsehood and identify malicious discrepancies in Biblical Literature, guiding them towards authenticity.

Unveiling the Divine Definitions and application of all 12 areas of Life: From Identity and Health to Relationships and Wealth, the Institute’s research offers divine insights into various aspects of life, enabling believers to live holistically and experience abundance.

Finally, when we reflect on Western church history, we witness the consequences of misplaced Biblical interpretation resulting from the absence of the Ancient application of the Name and the Supernatural template of the Garden of Eden. This history underscores the urgency of embracing these ancient truths and the transformation they offer to believers in the present day.

In conclusion, the International Institute of Pneumatology stands as a beacon of enlightenment, unveiling the mysteries of the Name of God and the Garden of Eden. Their groundbreaking research, supported by historical evidence and experiential verification, has the power to reshape our understanding of Christianity. Let us embrace these revelations, for they provide the missing links in our spiritual journey, empowering us to embrace our divine potential, deepen our faith, and live a life that reflects the essence of Heaven itself.



Zane Pierre

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