I am a Pneumatologist. I am the Founder of an Institute that has been pragmatically and experimentally researching the energetic dynamics of human energy, or what is traditional known as the human spirit. Some call this the human system of energy.

One of the most significant findings of our research is that the human energy/ spirit is self-generating, and self-determining. This means that the only way for the human energy to generate or produce energy, it must be inspired to. Our research has revealed that anything other than some sort of inspiration, naturally causes the human energy to either become neutral or to find a path of redirection. It is the nature of the system of energy.

This simple fact, dramatically impacts the way that we understand relationships. Culturally and societally, relationships have been commonly understood to be centered around emotional attachments, which usually, are accompanied by unspoken expectations. In the presence of emotional attachments and unspoken expectations, there is only one dynamic that becomes the functional mechanism of what we have understood relationships to be. That is, entitlement.

Entitlement in this context, is commonly applied where in the presence of unspoken expectations, partners approach their relationship with the “he/she is supposed to do this” perspective, or the “he/she is supposed to know that they are supposed to do this” perspective, without having mutually agreed upon the communication of the respective expectations. This, indirectly, places a tacit, and sometimes outright demand on the human energy, which functions in the polar opposite of the nature of human energy. The result, energetic neutrality and/ or energetic redirection. People experience this emotionally, as feelings of hurt, loss of interest as a result of natural energetic disconnection, and unfaithfulness (redirection to the person that is providing inspiration).

Relationship therefore, thrives on the fundamental law of inspiration.

Relationships through the lens of, and in concurrence with the fundamental law of inspiration, requires that the concept of emotional attachments, followed by unspoken expectations be abandoned completely. This is counterintuitive to the natural function of human energy. Our research reveals instead, that this common disadvantageous approach needs to be reorientated to a more functional approach, where there is sincere mutual communication centered around both partners expectations in the areas of the 5 emotions of human energy.

Click this link to learn about the 5 emotions

Our research shows significant confirmation of the law of inspiration in the experiences of those who are in long relationships, e.g. for more than 30 years. The greater majority of robust relationships that experience this length of connection, have been found to be functional due to one common factor. That is, a commitment to mutual inspiration. This is the significant dynamic of mutual responsibility to the connection, and is common with all couples that are in long connections.

We have found that for many couples who are not aware of this, especially within the earlier years of their connection, due to fact that there is no energetic education regarding relationships, the societal conventions make various and many forms of entitlement the norm, which is the polar opposite of the fundamental law of inspiration. The imposed lists of validation that have become the relationship cultures in our modern day society are endless. Inevitably, deterioration of the connection is the result, because human energy, naturally, cannot generate energy (or emotions) without inspiration, as it works against itself, and its natural means of energetic production.

We conduct master classes on this, as this is not common knowledge, as well as offer Relationship and Marital Coaching to bring the disorderly dynamics in your relationship and marriage into synergetic order, for more love, more romance, better companionship, and more passion.

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Zane Pierre

New Thought Leader | Pneumatologist | Self Existent Psychology | Spiritual, Life & Relationship Transformation Expert | Author & Writer | Podcaster| Coach