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Hold your Breath!

What we know as “Christianity” today is a westernized creation. Not related at all to the Ancient thought heritage of the Biblical Literature.

The Garden of Eden in their perspective is about how God created Man as a multiplication of Himself with His Name, who then was the one that created Heaven and Earth.

Man then fell out of the Garden changing his name to something that he was not. Covenants in the Bible were centered around returning man to their Covenantal Identity of the Name of God.

The Name is also a Cognitive Law that the Covenanted would take on that required a burning off of personal identity by embracing the identity that the Name determines. This is where the term “Consuming Fire” and “Holy” come from in Biblical Literature.

Ancient Hebrew Priests would take on the Name and speak in the Person of God. Wherever you see in the Bible that “God said” or “the Lord” was usually a Priest or a Prophet speaking in the Identity and Cognitive Law of God’s Name in the Scriptures.

Taking on the Name was essentially the abandonment of personal identity that is based on external comparisons with other creation and returning to the Name and Cognitive Law of the Person of the Universe. The Cognitive Law of the Name synchronizes the bearer of the Name with the Person of the Universe. i.e. God.

Jesus did the same as a Priest would, which is why He is identified as a Priest according to the Order of Melchizedek.

Like Melchizedek, He took on God’s Name (which He called the Name of His Father), with the Cognitive Law of the Name as His own.
Baptism is an act that represents: Changing one’s Name.

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