Is the Bible even True?

Zane Pierre
3 min readOct 22, 2022


For one reason or another someone may ask, “is the Bible even true at all?”

From the perspective of the commonly known interpretations of the Bible, absolutely not!!

What the western (Greco-Roman) civilization has been taught concerning the Bible was derived from western Church fathers who assumed the authority to interpret Ancient Israelite based text that has no connections whatsoever to the Greco-Roman system of logic, nor its philosophy of language.

In contrast to modern Christianity, that teaches the worship of a deity in the skies, the Scriptures were written by Ancient Israelite Prophets who understood God’s Name or the Name of Christ as a Character and Cognitive Law that they would take on officially as their own. It was common in their civilization for Prophets of gods in general to do so, as well as representatives of ancient kings.

In Moses’ case, he had an experience in the desert with the God of the Universe (the Person of the Universe) who gave His Name to Moses. Moses would have had experience taking on the Name of Pharoah already as a Royal of the Egyptian court, so it was not strange for him to take on the Name YHVH as his official title, and live in the Character, and Cognitive Law of the Name.

Why would anyone want to do that today, you might ask?

Research at the International Institute of Pneumatology has revealed that the the Ancient Name YHVH Elohim and what it means actually defines the natural Law of the Human Energy. Surprisingly enough!

This means that the human energy functions from the Law of the definition of the Name. That is, the Self-Existent. This translates into what is called the Law of Self-Determination. In Scriptures this is basically the Law of Self-Determined Generation of Life.
The Law of Self-Determination is defined at the Institute as the inherent ability of any human being to choose their source of personal legitimacy, what to believe, and what actions to take based on their own reason, election of criteria or priority.

This reveals that the Name is not religious nor is it to be approached as a compass of morality. It is in fact the title that defines how the human energy and Mind works. So, taking on the Name is actually saving oneself from the energetic dysfunction or mental dysfunction that causes the experience of mental death (poor mental health) and physical death.

What is the energetic or mental dysfunction?

It is what we have coined at the Institute Identity Codependency.
Identity Codependency is the determination of what one is and what to do, or the pursuit of personal validation or legitimacy, by using external compulsion or external stimuli, such as people, things, or ideologies, instead of by the determination of what one is, or what to do, based on the nature of the human energy.

Due to the fact that external stimuli are all variables, when there is loss or a threat of loss of this source of confidence and strength, mental and emotional trauma is the result. One experiences feelings of helplessness, diminishment of their sense of self, an inability to cope, and an inability to have a full healthy range of emotions and and experiences.

So, is the Bible true, yes! But, not as a religion. As a matter of fact it was never meant to be a religion. It was actually meant to be the guide to keeping the mind of man from destroying itself and others.

Research is now showing that the Bible is by virtue of the Name was meant to be a SELF-HELP GUIDE.

Once you find that perspective, then the rest of the Scriptures and the respective atrocities come into context.

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