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In more than accumulatively 35,000 hours of experimental research, I can safely say that the Believers conundrum today is that they approach the same Scriptures that both contractually guided an entire nation, as well as contained the Spiritual dynamics of Heaven and Earth, as though it is a moral compass. A book of right and wrong.

On the contractual note: this is the same as approaching a contract with someone that requires faithfulness and discipline to its terms and conditions, and instead making it a tool of emotional validation, and self approval. On the Believers own accord, they treat the terms and conditions as tools of existential legitimacy.
It has not been taught that someone like Samson did the “wrong” things, as his parents well knew, and on the condition that he did not cut his hair, by contractual agreement, the Spirit of the Lord continued to dwell with him.

On the note of it being a Spiritual Manual: this is the same as taking a users manual for a washing machine that provides instructions as to how to operate it to maximize the manufacturers intention, and instead approach the details of the manual of the machine very subjectively, dividing its functions into the categories of morally good, and morally bad. Functions of the machine are approached again as conditions of legitimacy, which inevitably leads to condemnation and guilt.

If you look around, in all our creation in Christ, there is not one thing that functions independent of a natural law that stewards it’s function. We do not use these laws for personal validation. That would be the same as saying, concerning the law of gravity, that if the ball that you throw up into the air falls down, you are an evil person, or condemned by God. The real and relevant question would be, have you thrown the ball in a manner that is advantageous.

Much like the nature of all creation is an expression of laws and functions of what we have labeled physics, so, you and God function by a law of Physics that all Scripture expresses, but has been unfortunately unknown. Unknown just like the laws of Aerodynamics until they were discovered, or the laws of Thermodynamics, until they were also discovered.

We at the International Institute of Pneumatology have rediscovered the law of the Natural Physics and Function of God and His Sons. It is the Law of the Self-Existent.

Just as it would not be wise to apply a moral compass to the Physics of creation, e.g. Gravity, so it would be unintelligent to approach God and Scriptures with a doctrinal or moral compass.

Seeds do not reproduce by moral obligation, it reproduces by the law of its nature.


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