Freedom has a Compass

In the world today there is a major movement or rather a huge tide of Christians that are migrating from the fundamentalist Christian circles to a sense of freedom. Within which, statistics reveal that church attendance is down up to 50% post pandemic. More than 60% of Christians in the United States are no longer identifying with religion. In the movement of no-more-religion, that held the average adherent to rules of validation, many Christians in this tide have fled the rule-keeping-systems and have like fish ended up caught up in the other side of the spectrum. The side that is freedom without any structure at all. The side where the emotional and moral validation that they feel a void of, is now pursued with equal intensity that the former fundamentalist validation was pursued.

In this mass exodus from the Egypt of religion, many find themselves in the Wilderness like nomads, looking for what they perceived they lacked. Many because of the oppression that they experienced by the hands of being validated by the opinions of misguided religious personages, have jumped to the other side of the spectrum where they desire no validation from any man, nor texts (like the Bible) written by any man. The result, spirituality without a map to navigate the Wilderness to the Promised Land of Heaven on Earth. They have thrown out the baby with the bath water. Their trauma has become their new life’s priority.

As a result there are many who are now approaching spirituality very abstractly.

The following I encourage this community to seriously consider. You deserve freedom but freedom without comprehension of natural laws of mechanics, will easily lead to death and more trauma. The novelty of the freedom will wane, and instead of fundamentalist validation, the validation of no human validation will be the new prison that keeps you from objective education about your spirit and how to live mechanically from the inherent power that your spirit possesses. Therefore, the perspective although at first exhilarating, is not comprehensive nor functional.

If this is an area that you would like to be awakened to, the International Institute of Pneumatology has conducted the research that can educate you on this.

We have been conducting tens of thousands of hours of experimental research on not only identifying the Ancient Paradigm of the Scriptures (Biblical Literature) from an irreligious perspective, but also on experimental verification of the Spiritual Laws of the same. Even though we have not made the success of our research available to the general public as yet, what I am about to express comes from the identification of Spiritual Laws that now enable us to intentionally and mechanically heal others, direct weather patterns, direct animals, we have had resurrections, and much more..

Even though the idea of going into oneself spiritually may sound profound and spiritual, I would implore you to sincerely survey the panorama of persons that hold to this conviction and measure the spiritual functionality of the community. The consistency of the functionality speaks for itself.

The spirit, also identified as the mind, is a sentient and intelligent system of energy that cannot function without a principle. A principle in this context is a law of comparison in this context, that the spirit needs to develop a process of reasoning. Without it, it is paralyzed.

One can ascertain a law of comparison either internally or externally. That is, that the spirit can use itself as its law of comparison or it can use something outside of itself.

Prior to your personal decision to to go into oneself abstractly, you would have been using an external law of comparison to live. If you came from religion, this would have been the the religious rules of validation. This is how you would have come to a knowledge of your identity, your potential, your limitations, as well as your process of rationalization. Whether you acknowledged it or not, your rationalization used a law of comparison, or a “principle”.

Now that you have turned to the internal, some of the biggest oversights of the community today that are proponents of this thought, is that they:

1. Have not identified what their external law of comparison had been, so they cannot make an official departure from it.
2. Have not identified that they have never functioned from the internal before and therefore have no knowledge of the principle that it exists and operates in. This means they are far from an objective definition.
3. Have not identified that their preexisting knowledge of the internal is defined by external reference points or laws of comparison.

This means simply that turning into oneself has no navigation system and is equal to nominal spirituality.

At this junction, there are one of 2 options that one is faced with:
1. One stays in the philosophy of going into oneself spiritually, and give time to figuring out its dynamics. The problem with this is that if one’s own spirit is responsible for life and longevity, the longer one spends outside of the principle that activates the vitality of their own spirit, they are dying, nor can give life to anyone. They would only be efficient at lending emotional comfort, which is not life-giving. (This is the conundrum that the community that holds this thought is standing squarely in). Not to mention that most people on average have 50–60 year life span to figure it out. This is not enough as you can see by the evidence around us.

Or 2. One seeks the template/s from those who have been walking from the internal compass, and adopt it, learn what they have learned, and progress from where they left off.
This is where Ancient Hebrew Scriptures come in; where Ancient Prophets and Priests of the Hebrew Scriptures come in; where Yeshua and the Apostles come in. They were not only walking in it, but they used it to help others. I would very humbly assert that it would be imprudent to say the least to not use the template that they have provided, and die with a sense of self-absorption.

This is what we have done at the International Institute of Pneumatology, and now we are unpacking it for those who would like to make the switch that the Gospel is supposed to give those who take on the Name of Christ Jesus as their own.

We have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that the Name and what it means is the Principle of the internal, that defines how the physics of the spirit works, as well as the system of logic that is needed for the consciousness to be the disseminator of the spiritual energetic power that enables us to be Life-Givers. It is the key to the Christ in us.

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In conclusion, going into the self without navigation nor understanding the principles that steward one’s own energy sounds profound but it is just the opposite side of the spectrum of religion etc i.e. death.

To truly function spiritually, one must understand the law of the physics of their spirit. In Scriptural terms, its the Name of God that defines the Nature and Logic of the Holy Spirit.

What if I told you that you can live Heaven on Earth now? It will blow your mind.



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