Do you truly understand the Name of Jesus?

Zane Pierre
5 min readFeb 23, 2021

I was raised in a religious atmosphere. Went to Catholic School, but was taught about God via Pentecostalism, predominantly. Over the course of 20 years, I studied many different religions, as well as ancient texts. Both, those that Christians would accept, as well as those that they feared.

In 2014, I had an experience that caused me to question everything. Even my existence, and the paradigm that came with it. I came to the realization that if my paradigm was erroneous, and my sense of identity was a construct that was formed on the platform of my paradigm, then my identity was a lie.

This propelled me into a search to find what was objective, over the last 6 years. Having already studied many religions and texts, I focused my attention on the Bible to ascertain if there was any spiritual truth to it. Through the process, I held the research responsible to an empirical criteria, and discovered via sequences of practical experiments that the Bible was misrepresented as a result of the difference between the Philosophy of the English Language and the original language of the Bible. The International Institute of Pneumatology was born as a result of the findings of the research.

One of the most startling realizations that was arrived at, was that Westernized Christianity, has absolutely nothing to with the Bible. It is in fact a world created based on the limitations of both the English Language as compared to the ancient Hebrew paradigm, as well as the Biblical interpretations of men that were not of the lineage of the thought culture of the Ancient Hebrews.

It is on that note, I would like to encourage you to consider that the concept of the Name of Jesus as has been taught, is actually not what is commonly known in the popular modern day culture. It is used in the capacity of an incantation or like an enchantment in modern day Christianity, which is very independent of its intended context.

What I am about to disclose here will be very foreign to the paradigm that you were taught, but has experimentally been verified to be true via the International Institute of Pneumatology.

The misconceptions of the westernized Christian community are both far reaching and very elaborate, but outside of the thought heritage of the ancient Hebrews.

The misconceptions start from, and have their roots in the narrative of the Garden of Eden. Due to the simplicity of the Philosophy of the English Language in comparison to the ancient Hebrew, the Garden of Eden had been terribly misunderstood and taught to be concerning the creation of the world/ cosmos, in which man was then installed, who later disobeyed.

This could not be further from the Truth.

Without getting into the nuances of the literary construct of the literature, and its reflections in the rest of the Bible, the Garden narrative in its intended context is an elaboration of the creation of a Garden Temple, all created by God through Man, or rather God in flesh (Man)..

(((This is reflected by Moses Himself who built the Old Testament Tabernacle as a reflection of the Garden of Eden. In replicating it, he inaugurated the Temple with 7 ceremonial speeches on 7 ceremonial days, with a Sabbath, which are understood to be God’s Word to Moses. Followed by, 7 acts of God, then a rest, which are understood to be God’s works through Moses.)))

In the context of the Garden of Eden, this is patterned after Genesis 1–2:3, which are the ceremonial speeches of God in the narrative, followed by the Acts of God, seen in Genesis 2:4–2:25. The narrative is meant to elaborate that God breathed Himself into dust, and that man’s name in the narrative was actually Yahweh Elohim, who then fulfilled the ceremonial speeches by creating the Garden and everything in it. The ancient Hebrews attributes the Name to the Breath, and not the dust (body). Man was God (or a multiplication of God), in a physical body.

This brings me to the concept of Name in the Bible. In the westernized perspective, a Name is a designation for identification in the context of differentiation. This constitutes about one sixth of the context of the Scriptures’ concept of Name. Names in the Bible are used to define and encompass as one, the following:







In English, these things are separate due to the simplicity of the Philosophy of the English Language. In the ancient Hebrew, these are all one and the same, regarding Name.

Westernized Christianity has approached the Bible by their own surmising, obsessing over the Bible as a book of rules, and not what it is meant to communicate.

That is, that the race of man was created God (in a body), who created the Garden as an expression of Himself, then stepped into dysfunction. The dysfunction is Identity Codependency. A book (the Law) was given to a lineage of people based on the original Self Existent God identity, until the Messiah would come and restore all men to functional Gods, again. The Apostles were then charged with spreading the Good News that all men are now functional Gods again, and all that they have to do is renew their mind to the logic of Divinity (the Self-Existent), to live with the Universe in synchronicity with Man, as was the original function. Yahweh Elohim — Yeshua is now the name of the race of Divine Man.
Hence, “in the Name of Jesus”. All the Apostles speak from this understanding.

The meaning of the Name Yahweh Elohim, educates the awakened on how to function i.e. the Self-Existent and Eternal Authority and Power. Mind renewal is reverting from Identity Codependency to Self Existent Identity, once again.


At the international Institute of Pneumatology we have been able to identify what the Framework of the Logic of the Self-Existent and Eternal Authority and Power is, and have practically proven the Bible to be true and real, but simply, misunderstood for centuries. The International Institute of Pneumatology was born from the findings of this research.

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