They did not know the Bible!

Zane Pierre
2 min readOct 22, 2022


Do you know that Jesus’ understanding of Scriptures was Moses understanding of Scriptures.

Jesus is confirmed by Peter as the one that Moses said would come after him, and be just like Him.

By the law of reproduction after one’s own kind in the Name,

Jesus’ comprehension of the Name of God is a replica of Moses comprehension of the Name of God.

This is one of the main reasons why it is totally illogical to follow the interpretation of Scriptures by westernized Church fathers. They interpreted the Scriptures on their own. Hence the reason that there are more than 3000 denominations today.

Someone might ask, ”so why isn’t the Jews walking in power today then”?

The answer is simply that while westernized Christianity’s interpretation of Scriptures was 100% made up, the Jews today inherited an interpretation that was corrupted by:

1. Moving away from teaching the Name of God as a Principle of Function and Cognitive Law, thereby seeing the Scriptures as expression of the Principle of the Name applied in various contexts. Instead they took the Scriptures and made it a rule-keeping system.

2. After slavery and captivity, Israelites incorporated the belief systems, lores, folklores and mythologies of their captors into their perspectives. Such as Satan and a Kingdom of demons. Thus, corrupting the purity of the Torah. Later their most renowned Rabbinical Authorities incorporated Greek and Islamic philosophy into their perspectives as well.

This all means that if one does not return to the Ancient Israelite perspective of God and the Scriptures, expounded and taught by Moses Himself, there is no way of verifying nor experiencing the Truth of the Scriptures.

We have successfully been able to unpack this for anyone who has awakened out of the religious matrix or is willing to approach the Bible independent of the limitations of their modern Greco-Roman mindset.

We do the work for you. You simply connect, learn and experience.

Connect with us online and start with the Ancient Prophet’s Paradigm of Scripture. The Prophets wrote the Scriptures after all.



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