A Paradigm-Shattering Discovery: The Ancient Application of the Name of God Unveiled

Zane Pierre


In a momentous breakthrough at the International Institute of Pneumatology, a team of dedicated researchers has unearthed an exhilarating revelation that has the power to reshape our understanding of ancient spiritual traditions. The discovery centers around the extraordinary application of the Name of God in the role of a Son of God, known as a Priest of God within the Ancient Mosaic Covenant. This revelation, which had been concealed for centuries, offers profound insights into the nature of divine power, the Priest’s identity, and the ancient wisdom passed down through the generations. Prepare to have your perspectives transformed as we delve into the stunning details of this discovery.

At the heart of this revelation lies the understanding that the Name of God served as a law of Intelligence, a profound blueprint through which the Torah and all Scriptures were written. It expressed the initial mindset of Man, before the detrimental onset of mental codependency. Those who embraced the perspective of the Words and Thoughts of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as their own were clothed and carried by a self-existing divine energy and power, extending the age and health of their physical bodies. This divine energy flowed through them, empowering them to operate in realms beyond the grasp of ordinary mortals.

Emphasizing the ancient Priesthood in the Name of God as the template for the New Testament Sons of God, or Apostles of Christ Jesus, sheds light on the profound teachings of the Apostle Paul. He urged believers to embrace this paradigm, not merely as an intellectual exercise, but as an act of faith that unleashed supernatural power and authority.

The Name of God, as the Principle of the Self-Existent and the Eternal One, defines the seven aspects that encompass the Priest’s identity, unlocking missing keys that had long remained hidden in the Greco-Roman world.

Designation as the Highest-Order Creator-Giver, Cultivator, and Keeper of Life: The Name of God, revealed through the ancient manual of the Garden of Eden, designates the Priest as the paramount figure in the spiritual hierarchy. Their role transcends mere mortals, as they possess the power to create, give, cultivate, and safeguard life within the celestial realms.

Title in the capacity of an appellation: The Priest of God assumes a title of immense significance, serving as an appellation that identifies their role as a Son or Priest of God. It establishes their unique connection and unity with the divine.

Function as Mindset and Law of Intelligence: The Name of God operates as a profound law of Intelligence, shaping the Priest’s mindset and decision-making process. It governs their mental priority, allowing them to reproduce supernatural occurrences and manifest the divine will on Earth.

Nature as the Inherent Energetic Physics and Dynamics of the Spirit: The Name of God unveils the inherent energetic physics and dynamics that characterize the Priest’s spiritual nature. This nature encompasses an embodiment of divine power that renders them impervious to manipulation and enables them to operate in realms far beyond the limitations of ordinary humans.

Species as a Classification of Entity: The Name of God, when applied to the Priest, classifies them as a unique species of entity, transcending the hierarchy of all creation, including humans. This classification confers immunity to sickness and death, establishing the Priest as a divine entity with unparalleled authority.

Essence as the Brightest Light Signature or Highest Frequency Entity: Within the framework of the Name of God, the Priest embodies the brightest light signature or the highest frequency entity within the order of creation. They reign over all other light signatures and frequencies, yet remain untouched by the hierarchical rule of any other entity.

Inherent Realm of the Mind/Imagination: The Priest’s mind becomes an inherent realm, often referred to as Heaven, where perfect synchronicity is achieved through self-existent communication with the Spirit of Heaven and Earth. This living realm unifies the Priest and the universe, merging their identities into one harmonious entity.

The profound implications of this discovery cannot be understated. It elucidates the reasons behind the absence of this ancient knowledge within the Greco-Roman world, where the internal wisdom of the Priesthood was not shared with the Greeks and Romans. Consequently, interpretations of scriptures were confined to the mental and intellectual heritage of those cultures. These interpretations form the basis of modern Western Christian theology, often characterized by abstract perspectives and a lack of concrete spiritual knowledge and manifestation.

It is noteworthy that the Apostle Paul played a pivotal role in transmitting this ancient key to what he referred to as the Ekklesia. However, after the Apostles, this knowledge was lost and obscured for more than 1900 years due to the dominance of abstract and philosophical thinking in the Greco-Roman mindset, along with the imposition of a Westernized judicial perspective onto biblical literature.

Fortunately, the researchers at the International Institute of Pneumatology broke free from the shackles of the Greco-Roman lens. Through the guidance of modern translation science, they identified the philosophy of the ancient Hebrew language and mindset. This, combined with the application of the Principle of the Name of God as a law of Intelligence and Physics, unlocked not only the true essence of the Scriptures but also the practicality of experiencing supernatural power. Over 50,000 hours of pragmatic and experimental research at the Institute have paved the way for a profound revival of this ancient wisdom.

As we stand at the threshold of this paradigm-shattering revelation, let us embrace the restoration of this ancient knowledge, transforming our understanding of spirituality, power, and our place within the divine tapestry. The journey has just begun, and the implications are as vast as the expanse of the heavens themselves.



Zane Pierre

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