5 Things that destroy Christian Relationships & Marriages

Zane Pierre


At the International Institute of Pneumatology we have discovered that the Name of God in the Scriptures, is min fact, much more than a label. It is a Principle of Function.

This is a fact that is simply unknown in our westernized Christian culture, and as a result, the Principle of Self-Determination that serves as the compass for the collated texts that is called the Bible today, has little to no accuracy of context, resulting in, according to statistics 3000+ denominational interpretations.

This principle of God’s Name “Yahweh” as it relates to relationships between 2 persons indicates that connections are supposed to be conducted through the “Law of Inspiration”, not the “Law of Demand”. Whereas the Law of Inspiration lives via responsibility to mutual agreements regarding the 5 emotions of the human energy, the Law of Demand places the responsibility on spouses to stay in the marriage as a duty.

Relationship and marriages therefore has suffered devastatingly from the popular Biblical perspectives that have been taught.

Here are 5 things that religiosity contributes to the destruction of relationships and marriage:

1. Emotional toxicity. Religious spouses expect trust as a duty. Because either love is taught like a rule or trust is the duty that comes with the title spouse.
In actuality trust is inspired by consistent reliability over time.

2. Gender inequity. Religious spouses have the expectation that gender roles should be met.
In reality, a relationship is a connection made functional by mutual agreement.

3. A lack of integrity. As a result of number 1, spouses exercise the liberty to function in self-benefit and a lack of character putting their spouse at a disadvantage whilst simultaneously expecting their spouse to forgive them and re-entrust themselves to them as a duty. Actions and speech are not synchronized.
In actuality, forgiveness and re-entrustment are separate issues. Forgiveness is a decision to release resentment. Entrustment is inspired by trustworthiness. Actions and words that do not line up is deceit.

4. Entitled communication. Spouses expect each other to pursue each other to find out how they feel. They throw tantrums because they believe that they deserve attention.
In reality, communication should be always stewarded by the principle of self-determination and the respect of self-determination.

5. Manipulation and control. Spouses use Scripture out of context to validate their emotional, sexual and financial demands.
In essence, anything that someone has to give MUST always be inspired. Placing demands on someone’s self-determination is the definition of oppression.

The reason why Believers cannot have successful marriages today is heavily tied to the fact they have been trained militantly by their denominational cultures to be codependent in all things, and codependent living does not equate personal responsibility that translates into inspiration. It really equates duty to stay despite a lack of integrity and relational equity.

Without the knowledge of the Name as a Principle of Function to define relationship and marriage and it’s dynamics, marriages between Believers will continue to get worse and fail.

Even the average Christian Relationship or Marriage Counseling also falls into this category.




Zane Pierre

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